Album #143: IST IST – Architecture

  • Released: 2020
  • Origin: Manchester, England
  • Label: Kind Violence
  • Best Track: Discipline

I first heard a track by IST IST a couple of years ago, but had kind of forgotten about them. It wasn’t that it was a bad song, but the song sounded (and the video looked) a lot like an Interpol tribute, to the point of being forgettable.

It’s taken the Manchester band a while to get around to releasing their debut album, and it’s good to see that over that time, they have managed to hone their own sound a little more. The influences are still very apparent – Interpol, Joy Division, and more recently Preoccupations/Viet Cong – but Architecture displays a band giving the sound its own slant.

They do it best on songs like ‘Disclipline’ and ‘Under Your Skin’ that become thicker and grow in intensity as they go on. ‘Black’ stands out thanks to its chorus, and ‘Drowning in the Shallow End’ is a weirdly claustrophobic, krautrocky grower.

Is it post-punk by numbers? Maybe, but they certainly get the numbers right.

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