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Album #139: Mrs. Piss – Self-Surgery

  • Released: 2020
  • Origin: Roseville, California, USA
  • Label: Sargent House
  • Best Track: Knelt

This amusingly named project is a continuation of the partnership doom metal singer Chelsea Wolfe formed with drummer Jess Gowrie on her last album.

With just eight tracks clocking in at under 20 minutes, purists might argue Self-Surgery is not an album at all, but Discogs says it is and Consequence of Sound, among others, agrees so I’m happy with that.

Most importantly, it’s worth listening to. Unsettling at times too, like on its introduction, ‘To Crawl Inside’, where the girls shriek “I’m bathing in the filth of the world”. It’s a dirty, sordid record, melding Wolfe’s sludgy metal riffs with Gowrie’s shredding, cacophonous drumming, the murky, doom-laden ‘Knelt’ being the best example.

I like it. Not short and sweet, but short and sour.

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