Album #111: Diet Cig – Do You Wonder About Me?

  • Released: 2020
  • Origin: New Paltz, New York, USA
  • Label: Frenchkiss
  • Best Track: Thriving

I’ve never quite made my mind up about Diet Cig. I feel like I should like them more than I do. Their songs are catchy, fun and fast – exactly what I normally take an instant liking to.

I love Alex Luciano’s lyrics too. Their debut Swear I’m Good at This featured probably the best opening line to an album I’ve ever heard – “When I was sixteen/I dated a boy with my own name/It was weird in the back of his truck/Moaning my own name while trying to fuck”. Genius, although it puzzled me a bit that later in the same song she said “You’re the kind of guy who would meet me at a party and forget my name”. What, even though it’s the same as his?

Luciano’s voice is something I didn’t take to as much on that album – a tad whiny and grating, especially as the record went on. On second album Do You Wonder About Me?, she seems to have reined it in a bit and I found I could enjoy the songs a bit more.

They’re a little more poppy than on the debut, I think. Opening track ‘Thriving’ is a great start, and the tender postscripts like ‘Priority Mail’ are as enjoyable as the quickfire noise blitz of ‘Flash Flood’.

When we get to ‘Worth the Wait’ though, I’m reminded again that sometimes Luciano’s overdone vocals can distract me from the duo’s otherwise very enjoyable songs. I feel a bit unkind saying that as she can’t help her voice! Maybe I’d prefer it if she just kept the pitch and volume a bit lower. Then again, I hardly think there are legions of music fans with this complaint, so she needn’t modify her voice to please me.

I feel like I preferred the songs on their first album, but prefer the execution on this one, and overall that makes me think this is the better album. And despite being over in just 24 minutes, it doesn’t feel incomplete or insubstantial.

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