Album #106: Suarez – Hora de No Ver

  • Released: 1994
  • Origin: Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Label: FAN
  • Best Track: Morirían

I didn’t think that less than a third of the way through this project I would be writing about a second Argentine band. This is actually one I meant to listen to last year but never got round to.

Hora de No Ver (which I think translates as ‘Time Never Seen’) was the debut album from jangly indie band Suarez, and is now more than a quarter of a century old.

Hispanic bands seem to like to do it lo-fi, and generally pull it off well. I’m thinking of the likes of Hinds and The Parrots. Perhaps the language and accent, more flowing and liberal than English, lend themselves well to the coolness and lethargy of the genre.

Suarez get pretty raw and abstract at times, like the abrasive din of ‘Niebla Matinal’. You’ll be instantly drawn to the more poppy numbers though like ‘Mañana’, ‘Nuestro Amigo Asiático’ and the brilliant ‘Morirían’ – a real unknown gem of the ’90s.

This album is a lovely soundtrack to a lazy summer day, but you feel it has an undercurrent beneath that veneer. ‘Morirían’ is Spanish for ‘They Would Die’ and the chorus just goes ‘aaaaaaa!’ An odd achievement then that the song and album can come across as being so agreeable.

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