Album #105: Junk Drawer – Ready for the House

  • Released: 2020
  • Origin: Belfast, Northern Ireland
  • Label: Art For Blind
  • Best Track: Infj

Thank you to the amazing Irish webzine Overblown for bringing this release to my attention. The site probably even more amazing now, since I haven’t written for them for ages!

So far on this blog, I’ve covered artists from as far and wide as Mali, Colombia, Japan, Belarus and New Zealand, but this is the first time I’ve done anything from any part of Ireland. Ready for the House is the debut album from Belfast band Junk Drawer, and it represents a peculiar but highly enjoyable assault on the senses.

Consisting of seven chaotic yet controlled tracks coming in at just over 40 minutes, this is a brilliant start from the band. The guitars are thick, sludgy and intense, offset by some unusual, almost childlike vocals not unlike Weird Al Yankovic. I’ll admit they make me giggle in parts, but they work!

Irish bands tend to be better at capturing the alternative American sound than English ones, and I particularly like ‘Infj’, which growls on for eight minutes with a cyclic, krautrocky aura. It reminds me of the brilliant TRAAMS, who I’m not sure are still going.

Other tracks, like ‘Year of the Sofa’ and ‘Mumble Days’ are much more minimal and stripped down, giving way to some barmy lyrics and topics (something about stomach acid in the latter?). Worth a full exploration too.

I love this album, and I sense depth to it that I’ve yet to fully plummet.

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