Album #99: The Pack A.D. – It Was Fun While It Lasted

  • Released: 2020
  • Origin: Vancouver, Canada
  • Label: Self-released
  • Best Track: Shake

A few Fridays ago, I had nine or ten albums on my list to listen to. Yesterday was a bit of a damp squib by comparison. The new Ed O’Brien (EOB) and Enter Shikari releases were at the top of my list, but I’m not really feeling it for either on first listen. I may come back to them, but for now I’m moving on to something different.

The Pack A.D. are one of those garage rock duos that sound more like there are four or five of them. It Was Fun While It Lasted is their eighth album and, as the title implies, their last. It’s rare for a band to announce in advance that they’re calling it a day after their upcoming record, let alone theme that record around the breakup.

They’re a band I’ve only heard bits of in the past, so their last album is their first for me. I like it overall. Some tracks, like ‘Kids’, don’t do much for me, but ‘Give Up’ is a brilliant opener. The grimy ‘Soul Warden’ is another highlight, and things really get going on the Nick Cave or Bambara-esque noisy jam that is ‘Shake’.

Elsewhere, tracks like ‘Gas Station Food’ and ‘Check Engine Light’ serve nicely to break the album up and herald changes in tempo and volume, and ‘The Gap’ ends the duo’s time on a melancholy and somewhat lost note, but in an intriguing way that’s more favourable to me than some schmaltzy goodbye.

As an album, it’s a fitting full stop to the Canadians’ catalogue. It’s a bit of a shame I hadn’t read the rest of the sentence first!

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