Album #97: Uzeda – Different Section Wires

  • Released: 1998
  • Origin: Catania, Italy
  • Label: Touch and Go
  • Best Track: Ten Stars

Listening to the new Flat Worms LP the other day prompted me to explore more albums produced (or ‘engineered’ as he prefers) by Steve Albini. It’s interesting that for every Surfer Rosa, In Utero and Rid of Me on the list, there are about five or six albums on Albini’s list that are from little-known bands or artists.

Uzeda are an Italian math/nose rock band with seven albums to their name, with Different Section Wires being the fifth of them. Albini befriended them after their first, and I can see why they got along. The bands jarring, dissonant riffs are pretty reminiscent of the Albini back catalogue, such as Big Black and Rapeman.

The album is really interesting to me. Not exactly an easy listen with the harsh, complex riffs, and Giovanna Cacciola’s vocals won’t be to everyone’s taste, being sometimes spoken, sometimes yelped. I rather like them, but I see them more as markers for changes in volume and intricacy. I particularly enjoy the spidery guitars and shuffling yet irregular drums of ‘Ten Stars’.

I admire bands who do stuff like this. To the uninformed, it might sound like a rhythmless din, but it’s actually a band thinking outside of the box and displaying the utmost in synergy. As usual, Albini’s engineering brings out the aggression at its fullest.

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