Album #83: Fun People – Angustia, No, No

  • Released: 2000
  • Origin: Campana, Argentina
  • Label: Ugly
  • Best Track: King of the Underground

Using the same tactic as when I reviewed The Dwarves, I discovered Argentine punk band Fun People by searching for very short albums that might help me get somewhere close to catching up.

Angustia, No, No, notable for clocking in at a little over 16 minutes, was the band’s sixth and final album. They were pretty prolific between 1994 and 2000, with Discogs listing six albums and nine EPs from the band within those years, along with several compilations.

I’d have to say this one feels more like a compilation than an album too. The songs are recorded at different volumes and qualities, giving it the feeling of a collection of songs rather than a studio album.

Still, it’s not a bad record. Given its playing time isn’t much more than a quarter of an hour, there’s quite a range of music on show here across 14 tracks – some in Spanish, some in English. ‘Piaf’, just 39 second long, is loud, heavy and brutal, while ‘We Want More’ almost sounds like something the Ramones might have come up with. ‘King of the Underground’ is my favourite, with a good yell-along chorus.

It’s an odd record, but an enjoyable one. I don’t mind what I’ve heard of South American punk at all.

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