Album #69: Kaputt – Carnage Hall

  • Released: 2019
  • Origin: Glasgow, Scotland
  • Label: Upset The Rhythm
  • Best Track: You Are Buried with My Nose

Catching up with another one I missed last year now, it’s the debut album from post-punk, ska-tinged Scottish six-piece Kaputt.

I bet these are great live. Their songs are pure energy, reminiscent of the madcap antics of both The B-52s and The Aquabats, carefully intertwined with the math-rock enjambments of Sweep the Leg Johnny. It’s fun to listen to but probably very hard work to play!

The wild and wacky ride begins with the fast-paced double header of ‘Rats’ and ‘Carnage Hall’, a sign that if you don’t like the ride, you should get off now. Those who brave it are treated to such highlights as ‘Parsonage Square’, the surreal ‘You Are Buried with My Nose’ and the oscillating closer ‘Feed My Son’.

Maybe half an hour would’ve done with this album rather than 40 minutes. When music is this pacy and in-your-face, sometimes less can be more. Then again, it’s a little churlish to complain about getting more for your money (especially if you’re not even paying for it) and Carnage Hall is inventive, enjoyable stuff.

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