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Album #68: Myrkur – Folkesange

  • Released: 2020
  • Origin: Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Label: Relapse Records
  • Best Track: Vinter

I’m intrigued by the descriptions I’ve heard of Myrkur. It’s a project by Danish singer Amelie Bruun, although initially the person behind the music was unknown. This reminds me of the mysterious iamamiwhoami, which fascinated me with the bounty project in particular, and was rumoured to the work of Christina Aguilera before it was revealed to be Swedish singer Jonna Lee.

Myrkur is described as ‘dark folk’, although Wikipedia also lists her as ‘black metal’. I can understand this from the dark wash of noise I’ve detected on what little of her previous work I’ve heard, but Folkesange definitely seems like a move towards more stripped-down, traditional Scandinavian folk.

Songs are mostly in Danish, with occasional English (mainly on ‘Leaves of Yggdrasil’ and ‘House Carpenter’), and veer towards Celtic rhythms and Sigur Ros-style cooing and sighing (‘Vinter’ in particular), but Bruun’s voice is extraordinary, almost reaching the point of yodelling on ‘Tor i Halheim’.

I’m terrible at reviewing anything like this musically, so I might be best off just explaining how it makes me feel. This might be a product of my current cabin fever (I haven’t been any further from my house than my own back yard for a week) but it’s like a celebration of the outdoors, embracing nature, running through woods, breathing in salty air and grasping dandelion seeds as they hover through the wind. I like it what the album makes me feel more than I like what it is.

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