Album #58: Spinning Coin – Hyacinth

  • Released: 2020
  • Origin: Glasgow
  • Label: Geographic Music
  • Best Track: Ghosting

Glasgow seems bustling with musical gems at the moment. Indie-pop quartet Spinning Coin, who despite some visa problems with their Canadian bassist still just about call the city home, released their second album a few weeks ago.

This is my first experience of the band and they sound very much like I’d expect a band called ‘Spinning Coin’ to sound, with their waltzy melodies, cooing harmonies and overriding wave of ’80s nostalgia.

It generally works well on Hyacinth, though. I really like the odd and open-to-interpretation first track ‘Avenues of Spring’, where the slow-paced guitars and wistful, optimistic lyrics (“Oh, what happiness tenderness brings”) clash with the weary harmonising sighs and morose delivery to the point of coming across as sarcastic. The jangly ‘Feel You More Than World Right Now’ is much more poppy and upbeat, and continues a fine start to the record.

The album peaks with ‘Ghosting’, a slice of euphoria and one of those songs that somehow manages to sound like a chorus all the way through. I wasn’t sure about the vocals at first – they’re a little over the top, but there’s a sense of Jack Mellon losing himself in the music that’s grown on me. The second half of the record has one or two weakish tracks, but ends on a high note with ‘Thing of the Past’.

Solid rather than spectacular, Spinning Coin are nonetheless a rewarding listen, with their more mysterious and raw emotion-led tracks their most successful.

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