Album #50: Wasted Shirt – Fungus II

  • Released: 2020
  • Origin: Laguna Beach, California/Providence, Rhode Island, USA
  • Label: Famous Class
  • Best Track: Eagle Slaughters Graduation

To expect anything but an unholy racket from two of the most profilic din-makers in the business would be hopelessly naive. Wasted Shirt is a joint project that sees the garage rock and psychedelia of Ty Segall intertwined with the experimental noise-rock of Lightning Bolt vocalist and drummer Brian Chippendale, with predictably loud, weird and uncompromising results.

A little over half an hour long, Fungus II feels a fair bit longer. That’s not because it drags (see Green Day’s latest for an example of that) but because it gets through so much. Every song feels like some sort of project.

In short, this is my sort of shit. It’s noisy, experimental and at times brutal. The guitars grind and gurgle, the vocals girn and grimace, the drumming is often all over the shop but still somehow maintains the beat.

I never find it easy to review anything as abstract as this. Just lose yourself in the pulsation of ‘Harsho’ and ‘The Purple One’, decide whether you want to mosh or rave along to ‘Eagle Slaughters Graduation’, and confuse your ears and mind with what the hell’s going on in the title track.

Is this a collaboration or a competition? Segall and Chippendale almost sound like they’re trying to outplay, outpsyche and outweird each other. Whatever they’re doing, it works!

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