Album #40: Kiwi jr. – Football Money

  • Released: 2020
  • Origin: Toronto, Canada
  • Label: Persona Non Grata
  • Best Track: Nothing Changes

I was doing fine until I took a few days off work! Now, here I am on my 40th album, on the 50th day of the year. Not good enough!

Anyway, here’s one I missed earlier. Kiwi jr.’s debut album came out on January 17th, at a time when I was trying to research just about everything out on a Friday, but it managed to slip through my grasp like a wet ball through the hands of a hapless England goalkeeper.

Presumably, it’s a different kind of football the Canadians are referring to in the title of this record, but in any case, the band are on the ball with this one. Football Money is a (currently completely untimely) 27-minute whizz of summery jangle pop, complete with wry, Pavement-style lyrics. My favourite words are definitely “They say a man/Should go to work /And not come home/Just to feel like a jerk/Well, that’s half-true!” from ‘Salary Man’.

Every track on this is pretty enjoyable, so picking a favourite isn’t easy. I’ll go for ‘Nothing Changes’ though, where I love the “Take time make it automatic” bit around the one minute mark.

You could do a lot worse than spend your “football money” on this one.

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