Album #16: Holy Fuck – Deleter

  • Released: 2020
  • Origin: Toronto, Canada
  • Label: Holy EF
  • Best Track: Endless

My favourite fact about Holy Fuck was that in 2009, they appeared at the Festival of the Fuck Bands along with fellow bands Fuck, Fucked Up, Fuck Buttons, Starfucker and Fuck The Writer – held in the town of Fucking, Austria. I thought that must be a wind-up when I first heard it, but no, it’s true!

Anyway, on to this fucking album. It’s the fifth from the Canadian four-piece, who are known for making modern electronica in an old-school way, keeping programming to a minimum. They also have a tendency to keep it ‘in house’, although Deleter bucks that trend somewhat with guest appearances from Alexis Taylor (Hot Chip), Angus Andrew (Liars) and Nick Allbrook (Pond).

Taylor is the vocalist on opening track ‘Luxe’, which I could almost imagine being a Hot Chip song but for the trademark Holy Fuck mishmash of just about every kind of electronic music, from ambient, to krautrock, to straight-up dancefloor filler.

I’m a terrible dancer so my ears are better tuned to some of the less radio-friendly tracks, like the muffled and abrasive ‘No Error’. Better still is ‘Endless’, which sounds apocalyptic despite its name. It’s a glorious din, awash with bright chimes, booming drums and distorted vocals, and just when you think it’s about to fade out, it bursts back to life again louder than ever. It reminds me of when you’re watching an advert and they tag an extra bit on the end to tell you they’ve got a new product out, using the same music as before. I’m not selling it well am I?

Just listen to it at around the 3:20 mark. Interesting, eh? I don’t think I’ve ever heard that done before.

I wouldn’t say this album is entirely my cup of tea (not enough guitars, moan moan!) but it hones a distinctive sound, offers standout moments, and I will continue to explore it.

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